Sunday, 5 March 2017

A popiah and porridge party

Had a nice Hokkien popiah and Teochew porridge party over the weekend. 

Mom cooked this Teochew mee kia (white noodles) which is naturally salted hence no need to add condiments. And my concoction of sambal belachan with tiny chopped lime skin.

Hokkien styled popiah consists of many types of veggies and not the usual radish (mang guang). I helped mom fry each type separately. There were cabbage, carrot, chives, long beans, short beans, coriander, fried chopped tau kwa and strips of pork belly. Again no need any condiments as the combination of all the ingredients made the popiah tasty enough.

The final product all mixed!  There was so much that I had to split them into 2 batches.

Our beautiful spread... ready to wrap the popiah!  Other ingredients include strips of fried eggs, small steamed prawns, boiled beansprouts, peanut powder, black sweet sauce, lettuce, garlic paste and chilli paste.

Wrapping my popiah with prawns, lettuce, egg with sweet sauce and chilli and pound garlic and peanut powder. 

So beautiful like wrapped salad. So tasty and shiok! Each person can usually eat 2-3 popiah at one go. My father used to be able to eat about 4 huge bursting popiah he wraps himself. Now he can only manage one popiah at one go. Last time, he would eat his popiah with peeled crunchy garlic, exactly the way my late grandfather used to eat his popiah.

Then we finished off our little popiah party devouring plain porridge with these typical sides, the way Teochews like it.

I'm half Hokkien and half Teochew, by the way. Happy to be able to enjoy Hokkien popiah which reminds me of my late paternal grandma and the Teochew porridge reminds of my maternal grandma who came to join us.

Here she is, my beautiful 93 years old grandma. ❤️

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