Monday, 5 October 2009

Sweet dreams are made of these?

They say the dreams that you have in the wee hours of the morning at the break of dawn are the most vivid. It's true, because I just had a dream early this morning and I can remember almost the entire dream. So I am going to quickly write it down here before I forget. I tried to search for photos (below) that closely depict what I saw in the dream.

In the dream, I was walking along a dusty road in a primitive village with no traffic. Both sides of the road were padi fields. There were simple thatched huts along the way. Then I reached a row of huts which looked like shops selling something, like this photo.
It looked somewhat like a shop front with thatched roof. As I walked into one of the shops, the interior seemed much bigger than expected from its humble facade. The walls were of faded paint. It looked like a centre or something. Quite a few people were inside waiting in seats for something. I was supposed to be looking for someone or something which I did not know what.  It was a bustling place, as people walked in and out.

There was this man sitting next to me and writing alphabets on a piece of paper. I  remember specifically there were 8 alphabets written like this, with 1 alphabet missing.  At this moment, my friend P walked in and saw me. P approached me and asked me what that man was doing. I said I was not sure. Then a tanned short-haired woman wearing pink appeared and sat down beside the man and took that piece of paper. She began telling him things she saw from the alphabets, something like fortune-telling. Based on what alphabet he wrote and at which position, she was able to tell and advise him about something. Then the woman in pink turned to me and gave me and P a piece of paper each and told us to write the 8 alphabets which we thought of in that positioning, again leaving the last one blank.

P and I were pondering and discussing what that was all about. Just then, the pink woman got up and walked out of a door at the back. Somehow, I got up and wanted to follow her. P tried to stop me, held my arm and spoke gently to me "don't go". I think I did not hear. I was already out of the back door.

What I saw outside the back door surprised me greatly. There was a lake or river surrounded by little temples or stupas like these all around the lake. It was unusually calm and peaceful and there were a few boats on the lake although the water was a little murky looking. The temples/stupas surrounded the lake and you had to get on a boat if you wanted go to any of the temples.

I waved to a man on a small boat and signalled him to fetch me. He rowed his boat slowly towards me. I got on the boat. He began rowing his boat, without asking me where I wanted to go. Further out on the lake, I saw beautiful pink lotus flowers floating on the waters. It was really breathtaking.   

Then I saw a small white chinese-looking bridge in the middle of the lake, so I told the man to bring me to the bridge. He slowly rowed the boat towards it.  
As I alighted and stepped onto the bridge, suddenly there appeared in front of me, a land adjoining the bridge, had formed and it grew bigger and bigger, till it looked like I was back on land again. Wherever I stepped on, soil/land grew out of the waters. It was like I was walking on the water that grew solid soil for me to step on. I was exhilarated and surprised. Just then, I thought I saw a white fat cat. So I followed it. I walked faster as the cat walked away even faster. I had wanted to touch and stroke the cat. But it was illusive and I had to walk faster chasing it. 

Finally I managed to catch up with the white cat. As I reached out to stroke its head and neck, it suddenly became very big in size! As it turned its head to look up at me, I saw a very big white lion instead. It looked like a tiger, but a voice was saying to me "white lion".  The sneaky fat white cat had turned into a very big white lion! I was a little shocked and afraid as I withdrew my hand. The white chubby lion looked at me with very kind-looking eyes. I was not afraid anymore as I stroked its furry head and neck and body. I think it liked being stroked. It rubbed its face and body against my right leg.  Then in mere seconds, the white lion looked up to me for the last time, its eyes were very kind and gentle, its face was benign and it seemed like it was smiling. Then the white lion turned and disappeared. End of dream.

Wow, I was blown away by the clarity of the dream. Now, can anyone tell me what is the meaning of this dream?

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