Sunday, 4 October 2009

The world is my oasis!

This is my travel map. According to Facebook's Cities I've Visited by TripAdvisor, I have already travelled to 88 cities in 26 countries! I'm not sure how they tally up to this number, because no matter how I count, it is not this number.  But anyway..... WOW! Great motivation to add more onto the list.

Here are some of the countries I have visited and their cities:
1. Belgium  - Antwerp, Brussels
2. France - Bordeaux, Lyon, Marsaille, Metz, Nice, Paris, Varsailles
3. Germany - Berlin, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Stuttgart
4. Italy - Bellagio, Bologna, Como, Florence, Milan, Pisa, Rome, Sorrento
5. Monaco - Monaco-Ville, Monte Carlo
6. Switzerland - Lausanne, Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne
7. Holland - Amsterdam
8. Turkey - Ankara, Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir, Konya, Marmaris
9. UK - London
10. UAE - Dubai
11. Australia - Melbourne, Adelaide
12. Cambodia - Phnom Penh, Siem Reap
13. China - Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Xi'an
14. Malaysia - Ipoh, Malacca, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Johor Bahru, Shah Alam, Taiping, Kluang, Kota Kinabalu
15. South Korea - Incheon, Jeju, Seoul
16. Thailand - Bangkok, Chiangmai, Pattaya, Phuket

Places I hope to visit in future, in no particular order:

Venice, Italy. Although I have been to the other places in Italy before, I have not visited this lovely romantic place yet. Would love to go cruise along Ponte dei Sospiri on a gondola, and especially to check out Burano at the northern part of the Venetian Lagoon. Burano has quaint and brightly painted houses (photo on the right) which is different from the photo on the left and provides a very different atmosphere - more of nostalgic old-world charm. I just need to confirm whether Venice is more romantic than Paris because I do not find Paris romantic at all. Ha!  

United States. I have not landed on the USA yet (oh how long the dreary flight!) but I am waiting for the right chance and timing. For a start, I would love to see the magnificent Niagara Falls and then hop over New York to capture the Statue of Liberty (a touristy thing) and then also to shop till I drop in those mega huge outlet malls. But really, I would like to go Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco (but I will not be wearing some flowers on my head!). :P

Japan. Each time I consider going to Japan, I always end up choosing Europe instead, because for the amount of money and time that will be spent, I would prefer to visit the zillion of cities in Europe. So yes, I am still waiting to visit Japan to see their cherry blossoms (but not really interested in climbing Mt Fuji). I would like to see their explicitly different culture and be overwhelmed by consumerism and also perhaps to chance upon a geisha too?  I missed the chance this year when an ex-collegue asked if I would like to join him and his wife on their honeymoon. Are you kidding, why would I want to be a light bulb??!

Prague, Czech Republic. It may look like just any other city in Europe (which I love), but ever since watching the Korean drama series "Lovers in Prague", I have sort of fallen in love with the place. It seems more laidback compared to Rome in Italy. Would love to roam Piazza Venceslao. In fact I love all the gothic looking buildings surrounding piazzas all across Europe.

Nepal. No, I don't think I would be keen to climb Mt Everest. Situated between China and India, I am keen to visit Kathmandu, to check out the picturesque sights and the native people. Although Buddhism is a minority religion in Nepal, it is nonetheless the birth place of Buddha. I long to take plenty of snapshots of beautiful Nepal.  

Bhutan.  Near to Nepal is the little kingdom of Bhutan. I know of Bhutan not because of Tony Leung and Carina Lau. I have heard about the peaceful little country long before that, ever since I got to know Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche personally, the 9th reincarnation and emanation of Yeshe Yang (disciple of Guru Rinpoche). Guru Rinpoche prophesied his rebirth, and that "even those connected to you on single occasions will all be led to my abode by you!". In June 2005, while Neyphug Rinpoche was in a meditation retreat in the mountains for 6 months, the image and mantra of Guru Rinpoche Buddha appeared mysteriously and spontaneously on the rocks, and holy water gushed out from the rocks. I am confident and would love the chance to visit Bhutan and to see Neyphug Rinpoche again, in Guru Rinpoche's abode!   

Taj Mahal, India. I would like to visit this UNESCO world heritage site, the beautiful white mausoluem. I have always feel an affinity with India but I am yet to have the opportunity to visit. As I mentioned before, I am not surprised if I had been an Indian in one of my past lives.  There is something attractive in Taj Mahal, its paintings, sculptures, motifs in its architecture.

Dharamsala, India. And if I am to visit India, I am surely to include Dharamsala as one of the must-visit places. Dharamsala is where the Dalai Lama is currently staying in exile in his personal monastery, Namgyal Monastery, on the Himalayan hills. It is called Little Lhasa here. His Holiness is the living emanation of the 1000-Arm Chenrezig (Guan Yin). All along, I have had different dreams of being on green hills with snowy mountains in the background with crisp cool air and colourful prayer flags hanging across the mountains. Just that I do not know exactly where is the place, whether in India, or Nepal or Bhutan or where. I guess I would only know where when I finally visit the place which had appeared in my dreams.  

Lhasa, Tibet. Of course I would love to visit the real Lhasa in Tibet, the Potala Palace, former home to the Dalai Lama. Now it has been converted into a musuem by the Chinese.

Actually, frankly, I do not mind going anywhere, as long as it is a place I have never been to before. It will be my life long goal to visit and to pin down each and every city in the world. I find myself perenially attracted to the culture and the people in some places. Also, some of those lovely places I have visited, I would love to re-visit again. But then again, we only have that much time in this life time. Unless I become a full-time traveller....

Who would like to go with me when I embark on my next journey?

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