Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cosy up at Tea Cozy

On a weekday evening, I was back at Tea Cozy in Plaza Singapura for a working dinner. I was there a couple of years back.  I like the quaint little place which also doubles up as a shop selling everything angels. They called it Tea Cozy, the "10,000 angels" cafe. This time they have rearranged everything since the last time I was there. I had blogged about this place previously.  I think I like the current decor better. 

This time they have a signature dish, called Laksa Pasta.  Of course I had to try it.  It came with the aroma of Laksa but not as lemak as the original Laksa gravy.  The only ingredients were prawns and sweet snap peas. While the prawns were fresh, I did not like the snap peas in this Chinese-Western fusion dish.  Somehow, it did not taste right.  I rather they serve it with seafood like squid, scallops, prawns, clams, etc... which would have enhanced the fragrance of Laksa, spice and flavour.

The ambience of Tea Cozy and its 10,000 angels is more impressive than its food.  It is a nice place to have cakes and coffee and a chit chat, rather than a solemn proper meal.  

By the way, do they serve Laksa Pasta in Heaven? 


  1. mmm... maybe because too sinfully good to miss in heaven? :P

  2. I always walk pass this place and doubt that they really serve food... they look more like they are selling those angels haha!


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