Tuesday, 13 September 2011

13 Sept - I dreamt of Lama Lhundrup just after his cremation

Last night I finished blogging the previous post, about Lama Lhundrup's last days and cremation. This morning, just before I woke up at 7am, I dreamt of Lama Lhundrup! I was very very very stunned as I laid on my bed.

It was a very long dream but I could not really remember the earlier part. I was in some place like a clean empty hall with nothing. Someone came and wanted me to do some food tasting. I said ok. Then I was given 2 strings, each in different colour and was told to taste each of the strings to identify the essence of the food. I was a little taken aback. How was I supposed to do that? Anyway, I tasted both strings, and managed to tell from taste and flavour, what food that was ( I could not recall the exact details now).

Then there was some commotion going on, and I was walking along outdoors on a bright day in the open. I met some kids along the way, and when I was passing by, I saw a long stretch of wall white in colour on the outside. I did not know and could not see what was inside the compound. Then a little boy handed me a big brush and asked me to paint the entire stretch of wall. I took the brush and a pail of paint from the boy and started to paint. When my brush touched the white wall, the paint was a brilliant gold. I was surprised but continued painting the entire stretch of wall gold in colour. I dripped a little of the gold paint on the floor along the way.

Then, poofed! I was inside a big room. I was chatting with a friend when all of a sudden, Lama Lhundrup appeared and walked towards me, smiling and laughing heartily. He was his normal plump and stout physical appearance. I was surprised and delighted to see him. Then I started digging my bag in search of a red packet (ang pow) in which to offer money to Lama Lhundrup. I found 2 ang pows already packed, so I decided to give both ang pows. I told Lama Lhundrup, "Rinpoche, I would like to make offering to you".

Lama Lhundrup, whose palm were pressed together, and standing about 2 metres away from me, said, "Ok, wait wait, I go sit!" in his usual basic english. He actually ran and climbed up the throne seat. Quite a comical, light hearted moment and sight, seeing him getting up the throne seat in a hurried and cute manner. As there was a table in front of the throne seat, I went to the side of his seat. I offered khata, and he blessed me. Then I handed him the first ang pow. Lama Lhundrup tilted his head very close to mine, in order to hear what I wanted to say. I said, "Rinpoche, may you have a very long life." Lama Lhundrup nodded his head and accepted the ang pow.

I took out the second ang pow and paused for a moment. I did not know what to say. Then I told Lama Lhundrup, "Rinpoche, may I be able to meet you lifetime after lifetime." He also paused and seemed to meditate for a moment. Then he tried to look for and found a pen on the table. Pointing to the angpow, Rinpoche instructed, "Must write down and indicate." I said ok. However, Lama Lhundrup took the ang pow from me and wrote it down himself. This was what he wrote... "personal guru, lifetimes". Then I woke up from this vivid dream immediately.

Wow wow wow! You can imagine how stunned and thankful and very very very touched I am to have had this dream of Lama Lhundrup just merely hours after his holy body has been offered to the fire. I teared. I want to cry very badly thinking of his immense kindness by manifesting through this dream. I am very touched and grateful, yet sad that I did not spent much time with him in this lifetime. Thank you so much, Khenrinpoche Lama Lhundrup, thank you so much for your blessings. Indeed, may I be able to meet you lifetime after lifetime until enlightenment. _/|\_

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  1. thank you so much for posting your beautiful dream and sharing it with all of us...may we have Lama Lhundrup as our personal guru lifetime after lifetime...OM AH HUNG


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