Monday, 26 September 2011

A closer look at the growing relics of Khensur Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup, an amazing blessing!

The Sangha in Kopan Monastery are still pretty busy, collecting and checking meticulously each of the holy relics that have emanated  after Khensur Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup's cremation. Indeed, the relics are simply too many and they are reportedly still growing by the day. 

Here is a closer look at the amazing holy relics found after Lama Lhundrup's cremation. I am dumbfounded, totally amazed by the beautiful sheer sight of these relics as they are revealed..... And these are just some of them, more will be revealed soon. Om ah hum benza guru padma siddhi hung! 

Note: In my over excitement earlier on seeing the holy relics, I forgot to credit a Dharma brother, Benny Soh, for his kindness in sharing all the precious precious photos shown below. Thanks Benny! 

Heaviest 2 pieces of greenish-gold relics (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Green turquoise relic (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Big coral-like relic from Lama Lhundrup's head (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Dark green relic with little round relics emanating (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Crystal-like relics still growing (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Turquoise relic (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
The second-biggest piece of relic (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Many round jade coloured relics growing from these 2 pieces of relics(Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Silver metallic relic (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Lama Lhundrup's eye relic was the biggest, with green relics growing out in the middle and many more tiny red relics multiplying on the top. (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Lama Lhundrup's tooth relic, left unburnt (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Multicolored relics (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Greenish relic (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Multicolored relics (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
White relics (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Several white relics still covered in ashes (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Lama Lhundrup's jaw with many brown relics emanating (Photo credits: Benny Soh) 

Growing jade-like relics (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Lama Lhundrup's hair still intact even though his stupa was burning for a week (Photo credits: Benny Soh) 
Bone relic with several white relics growing (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Ongoing analysis of relics collected and still retrieving more from cremation stupa  
(Photo credits: Benny Soh)
The area beneath the cremation stupa where high lamas leave footprint, signs of his next rebirth
(Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Lama Lhundrup left a small footprint facing West (Photo credits: Benny Soh)
Lama Zopa Rinpoche said that Lama Lhundrup did not manifest any of the 5 elements absorption of the death process before his passing and Lama Lhundrup's last words to Lama Zopa Rinpoche, his guru, were "I do not exist", uttered in English repeatedly 3 times. Lama Zopa Rinpoche said this was a sign of a very accomplished practitioner.  Lama Zopa Rinpoche has given instructions to build a Mahabodhi Stupa and a Statue of Lama Lhundrup as soon as possible for his unmistaken swift reincarnation to return which will definitely happen very soon.

I know a dharma friend of mine is devastated by the leaving of  the physical body of Lama Lhundrup, who was her heart guru. She once shared with me about Lama Lhundrup, who was also her refuge guru too. She said she was chatting with Lama Lhundrup, and she kept telling him, "Rinpoche, you are my guru" as she was very close to him. However,  each time, Lama Lhundrup would reply, "No, I am not your guru. Your guru is Lama Zopa Rinpoche."  Although she was a little saddened by her guru's words, but she realised Lama Lhundrup's deep devotion to his guru, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and she knows Lama Lhundrup said those words to her in order to teach her about guru devotion.

We do not weep because of the passing of a guru. Instead, we celebrate and rejoice at his attainments by witnessing physically his relics, the signs of a greatly realised practitioner.  I know Lama Lhundrup would be coming back very soon because many of his disciples and students would be waiting for their guru to return to continue turning the Wheel of Dharma. And that is what great Bodhisattvas do, always coming back, taking rebirth again and again, in order to lead sentient beings away from samsara and suffering.

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  1. The relics of Lama Lhundrup is amazing! Can I have permission to share the photos on my blog?


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